How it Works

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Order Your Lab Tests or Wellness Package

Your lab tests can be ordered online at the pharmacy website by your pharmacist or yourself. You don’t need a prescription to get lab tests done. You can research and select your lab tests or wellness package online, with or without the guidance of your pharmacist or physician, through the pharmacy’s safe and secure payment system.


If you’d like assistance in selecting and purchasing your lab tests, our pharmacy staff is here to help! Our pharmacists at Carmel Prescription Shop can help place your order for the lab tests you need. The pharmacy staff will place the order for you and process your payment.


After Purchasing

You will receive an automated confirmation email receipt after purchasing your lab tests or wellness package. Print your lab test requisition order after you check out. If a pharmacist helped you purchase the lab tests, they will provide the lab test requisition order to you.


Take your lab test requisition order to your choice of 2,500 Patient Service Centers to have your blood drawn for your lab tests. You will be given the option of the most convenient Patient Service Centers near you whether you order lab tests online or if your pharmacist orders for you. If you change your mind, your Patient Service Center can be changed after your order has been place.  


Your lab test requisition order is required for the Patient Service Center to know which lab tests should be done, and what instructions you need to follow (like whether you need to fast etc.)


Review Your Results Online

Within a few business days, you will receive an email notification informing you that your results are available. Occasionally, some lab tests can take up to 7-10 days to get results.


You can log into your private, secure healthcare dashboard to view intuitive charts that display your data and detailed explanations of your lab results.


You will have access to PDF files of your test results for your personal printing needs.


Track Your Progress

Your personalized healthcare dashboard makes it easy to see changes between blood tests, allowing you and/or your physician to adjust your wellness plan to optimize your health.


Consult Your Healthcare Provider

We recommend that you share your results with your physician and other healthcare providers, but the decision is completely up to you. Your test results are confidential and are only reported to you.


Other Information

  • Lab requisition forms are valid for 5 months from the date of approval/purchase

  • Check your spam or junk folders to ensure that the Ulta Lab email address is in your contacts so you don’t miss your results.

  • If your results are abnormal, we recommend that you consult with a medical professional for appropriate advice and a treatment plan.



Please refer to our notice of privacy practices for details on the confidential nature of your protected information


Not Available in Certain States

New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island state laws prohibit direct-access testing such as Ulta Lab Tests. Ulta Lab tests cannot be conducted at Patient Service Centers located within these states.