Fibromyalgia & Alpha-Theta Ultra PM

"After giving a fibromyalgia patient Alpha-Theta Ultra PM, her pain left, mobility increased, and she looked younger. “


I love it when we recommend one supplement and it changes someone's life forever. A patient with fibromyalgia was given Alpha-Theta Ultra PM. Her pain left, mobility increased and her friends are asking her what she did because she looks so much younger. Those are the words of a clinician's mother-in-law. Let's set the stage before we discuss why this product had such a profound effect on her. As we all know, family members are our worst patients. They know all our bad habits and shortcomings so when we suggest something it doesn't have the same weight as if they were seeing a stranger. In fact, when this clinician recommended a diet and supplements her mother-in-law responded well while she was on them, but for some reason the follow through was short lived.

Let's face it, from what we know about fibromyalgia, we have to avoid the foods that cause leaky gut, look for dysbiosis agents contributing to a leaky gut and heal the gut. Next, we look for hidden infections that cause oxidation by overwhelming the body with free radicals. Then we can start the real healing by supporting or repairing mitochondrial dysfunction. So in her defense treating long term fibromyalgia is a process that takes time, patience and financial commitment. One of the problems with many fibromyalgia patients is they don't sleep well. Their pain or at least the way they experience pain is intensified so they often don't achieve a deep level of sleep. It's very common to hear them say they are still exhausted when they wake up or that they didn't really sleep. Based on this comment, our clinician gave her mother-in-law 2 capsules Alpha-Theta Ultra PM. The next morning she reported a great night's sleep. Success breeds success so… "she continued taking Alpha-Theta Ultra PM. Fibromyalgia & Alpha-Theta Ultra PM IT’S TIME TO FEEL GOOD AGAIN After giving a fibromyalgia patient Alpha-Theta Ultra PM, her pain left, mobility increased, and she looked younger.“

After a few days she noticed that her pain was reduced, she had a greater range of motion and more energy. After about a week her pain was 90% better and after a few weeks her pain was gone. Oddly the quality of her skin improved and her friends started asking her what she was doing since she looked younger. Her friends also commented on her overall energy, her positive attitude and how she moved with more agility."

After a few weeks of pain free living she did what anyone who is not trained in natural therapies would do. She stopped taking the product. In her mind and in the minds of all our patients; they think that as soon as they feel a little better they can stop their program and go back to the life style that caused or at least contributed to their condition. Of course the pain came back. The process of healing has begun, but true healing, takes time. We may be able to reduce the chemical messengers of pain called cytokines but repairing and rebuilding of cells and tissue takes time. Fortunately she went back to the product and in a few days was pain free again. What was it that caused this dramatic response? Let me remind you: sleep is nature's greatest antioxidant. Deep sleep is where deep healing and repair takes place and if a patient is not sleeping, they are not repairing.

Also many fibromyalgia or chronic pain patients in general are in sympathetic overdrive and have reduced parasympathetic tone. Alpha-Theta Ultra PM functions as a sympathetic brake which is one of the reasons it works so well for sleep. We have addressed the value of the individual benefits of Alpha-Theta Ultra PM on an earlier program. You can see the link to the right. Of course, I am not saying that every person with fibromyalgia will respond the same way this client did. 2 capsules of Alpha-Theta Ultra PM changed her life, she literally said, "I have hope again." It may not change everyone's life, but it wouldn't hurt to give it a clinical trial for 30 days. By the way, one clinician shared with me an additional clinical pearl… For really tough cases of insomnia, add 1 scoop of Balanced-B8, an Inositol powder product, and 1 scoop of Acti-Mag Plus, a comprehensive magnesium formula. There is a link to a discussion on each product to the right. Sometimes the sympathetic nervous system is so over stimulated that the parasympathetic nervous system becomes exhausted. These products support the parasympathetic nervous system in a unique way. Adding these two products to Alpha-Theta Ultra PM has made the difference for his really tough cases. I encourage you to take time to ask your patients detailed questions about the quantity and quality of their sleep. Anti-Aging and reducing inflammation are the buzz words in the media. Make sure your patients know those phenomena can't occur without quality sleep, because repair and recovery takes place during quality sleep. You can see a webinar to the right that highlights 11 of the reasons people don't sleep. Alpha-Theta Ultra PM either directly or indirectly covers each of them.

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