Compounding (Non-Sterile)

Compounding is a combination of art and science to create custom, personalized medicine. Compounding involves formulating a particular pharmaceutical product in order to fit a patient’s unique need. Compounding can involve mixing two or more medications, making a liquid from a solid medication, making a cream using a powdered medication, flavoring medications, and more.


It is very rewarding for the pharmacists and practitioners who help overcome problems commonly encountered with mass-produced prescription medications including:


  • Making a different dosage form for a child who can’t swallow pills.

  • Formulating a medication for a patient allergic to common medicine fillers like gluten, casein, and dyes.

  • Customizing a medication for a person whose typical drug is in short supply.

  • Creating a different dosage form for people experiencing unpleasant side effects.

  • Making custom medicine strengths and dosage forms.


A compounding pharmacy can provide a solution for patients who are not satisfied with regular pharmacy prescription medications.


The compounding services at Carmel Prescription Shop can provide these services for you. Special flavoring, unique dosage forms, and innovative delivery methods are just a few examples of the customizations we can make to your prescriptions. Compounding can be life-changing for many patients, and even life-saving. We work with prescribers and endeavor to fill a gap in healthcare with our customized solutions to meet your needs and solve some of healthcare’s toughest challenges.

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